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Line Items, Targeting Templates and Bidding


Upgrade Notice

The Targeting API (targeting_template) has been upgraded as part of the Buzz 2.0 API. We strongly recommend you use the new targeting-expressions endpoint. Read more about targeting using the new API.

Line Items are associated with a single Targeting Template, and that template includes all the specific targeting criteria that determines delivery.


Targeting Template

A Targeting Template contains the values to target in the ad server or bidder. A Line Item must be associated with an active Targeting Template in order to go live. Typically there will be a 1-1 relationship between these objects, but Buzz supports a Targeting Template that can be shared across Line Items.

A Targeting Template is associated with a single Strategy. The Strategy then determines which Targeting Modules are available for that Targeting Template.

An Example:

  • Buzz is set up with two Strategies, one for banners and one for video. The Strategies are the same, except the Video one has an extra Targeting Module, VIDEO_PLACEMENT that allows targeting by pre-roll, vs mid-roll, vs post-roll.
  • A Targeting Template is created with the Video Strategy.
  • The Targeting Template values can now include key-value pairs associated with the VIDEO_PLACEMENT module, and will be validated against those criteria.