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Creative Content

Creatives are the most complex objects in Buzz. For a primer, see Creatives, Creative Assets, Templates, Rules. Creatives are based on [CreativeTemplates](doc:creativetemplates and the creative_content field stores a JSON representation of the parameters to be used within the template.

For example, suppose you have a Creative Template for a simple image ad:
<a href="{{CLICK}}"><img src="{{CUSTOM:IMAGE:FILE}}"></a>

The CLICK macro will be automatically expanded by the ad server when delivered. However, the creative expects to have a static value provided for the custom variable named IMAGE and this value should be of the type FILE, which is the same as any URL.

In this case, the creative_content field should have a value for the IMAGE parameters such as:


Global Creative Templates

Buzz is deployed with a number of Creative Templates that are available to all Accounts. There are two ways to fill in the fields of the template: By setting values in the creative_content field of the Creative itself and by passing in Creative Asset IDs into the primary_asset and secondary_asset fields. In addition, the templates set certain Creative Attributes automatically based on the values passed in.

The chart below summarizes the inputs and outputs for each of the Global templates:

Template IDNamecreative_assetscreative_content fieldcreative_attributes automatically set
1Image templateA single image assettag_type, banner_mime
3VAST 2.0 TemplateA single Video Asset, an optional image asset for the companionTITLE (If not set the video filename will be used)
DURATION (Defaults to 30)

video_protocol, video_mime, video_duration, video_bitrate
4JS TagTAGtag_type
5Iframe TagTAGtag_type
6VAST 2.0 WrapperVAST_3PAS_URL