Bidding Agent Supported Fields

The BidAgentReponse protobuf allows customers to pass a number of fields from their Custom Bidding Agent:

Field NameRequiredTypeNote
deal_idOptionalstringSee below
creativeOptionaluint64Customers can pass a creative ID, pixels, click URL, and dynamic macros using this field to override creative selection.
agent_dataOptionalvariable, see protobufSee below

Note: All fields are marked as optional by the proto -- however the above table indicates which fields are required by BW to make a bidding decision.

Deal ID

Note: the deal_id field should not be used in cases where the lines use delivery modifers to pace for deal delivery.

The field deal_id has been added to the custom bidder BidAgentResponse protobuf and can be passed by the customer bidder's response.

When the custom bidder passes a deal ID using this field, that deal ID will override the deal ID selected by BW targeting in all cases except two:

  • The line is targeting a PG deal; PG will always take priority
  • The line is using delivery modifiers, which can cause the custom bidder selected deal to be dropped

Agent Data

If the Custom Bidding Strategy is configured to use any of the five custom fields available (param_1, param_2, etc), those can be passed here.

AgentParams are typed <key,value> pairs denoting some custom attributes of the Bid agent.These params are logged and are available via Bid logs.

If the bidding agent uses a machine learning model, some of its attributes can be passed in via AgentParams.

Also, when this field is true, Beeswax can also pass agent data to the exchange in cases where bidders are whitelisted by the exchange.