Multi-Account Users

Multi-Account Users

A Buzz instance can be set up by an administrator to support multiple Accounts. In order for a Users to create and manage these Accounts, the multi_account settings must be set for that User.

Multi-Account Users can:

  • Create and edit Accounts
  • Masquerade into other Accounts (see Authentication)
  • Create, view, edit, and delete objects in Accounts other than the one in which they belong
  • Create new Multi-Account Users

Whitelabeling Buzz

Buzz supports extensive whitelabeling capabilities, typically used in conjunction with Multi-Accounts (above). In order to change the appearance of any individual account, you can change the appropriate Account Settings using the UI or the API.

All other whitelabel features require administrative support and more details on these capabilities, including the information required to activate these features, can be found in our help center.