Creative Attributes

Creative Attributes describe the Creative object such as which Advertiser it belongs to, whether it is uses Flash, whether it has objectionable content, etc. These attributes are important because they are used by the ad server/bidder to better match creatives with available inventory.

Like Targeting Modules, Buzz supports a flexible approach to defining Creative Attributes to be used in filtering valid creatives for a given impression. Creative Attributes are stored as JSON within the creative_attributes field of the Creative object. A list of valid Creative Attribute modules and keys is here: List of Creative Attribute Modules and Keys.

Setting Creative Attributes

As you read the Buzz documentation you may notice that many different objects include either creative_attributes or attributes fields, This is because Creative Attributes within the Creative object are actually set in many ways within Buzz, often without any direct setting by the API. The table below summarizes the ways in which Creative Attributes are set:

ObjectEffect on Attributes
AdvertiserThe attributes field will be automatically inherited by the Creative object unless the same module/key combinations are explicitly set in the Creative. Used for attributes about the Advertiser such as the advertiser's homepage or their industry categorization.
CreativeCreative Attributes can be set manually on the Creative when submitted through the API.
Creative AssetSeveral Creative Attributes will be automatically set within the Creative when associated with the asset. The attributes will vary depending on the rendering type of the Creative Template used. For example, if the template is set for VAST, the video_mime and video_bit_rate keys will be set, if the template is set for IMAGE, the banner_mime will be set.
Creative TemplateThe creative_attributes field from this object will be merged with the setting of the Creative. Useful for attributes about the rendering of the creative, such as VAST version or tag type.
Video AssetWhen uploading a Video Asset the video_encoding_profile field is determined. This field will also determine creative attributes when the video is associated with a creative, typically for bit_rate.

JSON Structure

The Creative metadata JSON has the following fields:

KeyExample valueDescription
module_name"advertiser": {"key": … }The overall statement can include any number of modules, but each module may only appear once
key"advertiser_index_id": [ … ]Keys are defined in the modules. For a list of modules and keys, see List of Creative Attribute Modules and Keys.
values[1,2,3]A list of values corresponding to the key.

Example JSON

 "advertiser": {
	 "advertiser_category_id": [6]
 "technical_attribute": {
 	"ksize": [6]