List of Creative Attribute Modules and Keys

This document summarizes the existing Buzz Creative Attribute modules and keys.

ModuleKeyInput ExampleNotes
advertiseradvertiser_app_bundle"advertiser_app_bundle":[""]The app bundle ID of the advertiser. Some ad exchanges require any ad advertising another app to declare the app bundle of the advertised app. Max of one value is allowed in the list.
advertiser_category"advertiser_category":["IAB1","IAB1_1"]Canonical list of categories based on the IAB's content categories.
advertiser_index_id"advertiser_index_id":[1143]Canonical list of unique Advertisers based on Google's master list. Every Creative should belong to one and only one Advertiser.
advertiser_domain"advertiser_domain":[""]Top-level domain of the Advertiser without any path information. Required on most exchanges.
landing_page_url"landing_page_url":[""]Complete URL where creatives will ultimately land. Required for running on Google AdX
approvalvendor_id"vendor_id":[1,2]List of optional Creative Approval Queue vendors for Creative to be submitted. Note, these vendors are distinct from the creative_technology_vendors below, which are just declarations of which technologies are used in the creative.
inventory_sourceDEPRECATED. Approvals for inventory are now stored in the creative_approvals field of the Creative object.
creative_technology_vendor"creative_technology_vendor":[1,2,3]List of technologies used by the Creative, based on Google's list. Beeswax is #632.
mobilemraid_playable"mraid_playable":[true]Whether the creative is a playable game in MRAID. This is required to be set when running on MoPub. Note, this is different from declaring general MRAID support, which should be accomplished using the video.video_api field (per OpenRTB)
technicalbanner_mime"banner_mime":["image/jpg"]The mime type of the asset within the Creative
expandable_type"expandable_type":[3]The type of expandable as defined by OpenRTB 5.3. Only one type may be set.
expandable_direction"expandable_direction":[1,3]The direction the ad will expand, as defined in OpenRTB 5.5. Multiple directions may be indicated.
ksize"ksize":[123232]Size of the creative in bytes
tag_type"tag_type":[1]A canonical list of banner tag types from the IAB's OpenRTB 5.2. Example 1=XHTML text ad
videoskippable"skippable":[true]Boolean value to indicate whether the video may be skipped by the user
moat_vpaid"moat_vpaid":[true]Boolean value to indicate whether the MOAT VPaid wrapper should be served before the creative in order to measure viewability.
video_autoplay"video_autoplay":[1]Value to indicate whether the ad contains autoplay video. 0=autoplay, 1=click-to-play
video_duration"video_duration":[30]Duration of the video in seconds as an Integer. Default is 30.
video_mime"video_mime":["video/x-flv","video/mp4"]Mime types of the video within the Creative. Note, this is kept separate from banner_mime to conform with the IAB's OpenRTB schema and a single video creative can include multiple mime declarations.
video_protocol"video_protocol":[2]A canonical list of video protocols from the IAB's OpenRTB 6.7. Example 2=VAST 2.0.
video_bit_rate"video_bit_rate":[600,1200]Bit rate(s) of videos within the Creative.
video_api"video_api":[2]A canonical list of video protocols from the IAB's OpenRTB 6.4. Example 2=VPAID 2.0.
video_companion_type"video_companion_type":[1]A canonical list of video protocols from the IAB's OpenRTB 6.17. Example 2=HTML.
video_companion_size"video_companion_size":["468x60"]Size, in pixels, of the video's companion ad in the format <width>x<height>. Size combination is validated against the creative_sizes table.