Cookie Syncing

In order to target your users in a web environment, you must first sync your cookies with the Beeswax cookies. Beeswax handles the syncing with third party inventory providers like Adx and Rubicon, etc.

Buyer-Initiated Cookie Sync

Buyer-initiated cooking syncing has two steps:

  1. The buyer initiates a sync by sending their buyer user ID to Beeswax's cookie match endpoint.
  2. Beeswax then redirects back to a buyer-specified endpoint with both the buyer user ID and the Beeswax user ID.

1. Buyer initiates cookie sync
Beeswax will provide the buyer with a cookie match endpoint. The endpoint will have this format:[buyername]?buyer_user_id=[user_id]

On each cookie sync, the buyer populates the buyer_user_id parameter with the user id that the buyer has assigned to the user who is being synced.

If the buyer has not assigned a user id to the user (if, for example, the user has cookies disabled), then the buyer should not call the Beeswax endpoint, since no cookie sync can be achieved.

2. Beeswax redirects to buyer provided endpoint
Upon receiving a cookie sync request, Beeswax will perform an HTTP redirect to the buyer's cookie sync endpoint.

Typically, this endpoint has two required components,

  1. A parameter that identifies that the incoming sync is coming from Beeswax.
  2. A parameter that holds Beeswax's id for the user.

and one optional component:
3. Optionally, Beeswax can reflect back, as a url parameter, the buyer's id for this user. This is not necessarily needed, since the buyer will have presumably already cookied the user, but it is available as an option.

For example, a typical endpoint would look something like:[beeswax_user_id]


By default, when Beeswax redirects to the buyer's endpoint, we will preserve the HTTP scheme (http or https) of the incoming cookie sync request to Beeswax.

Beeswax-Initiated Sync

In addition to syncs that you initiate, Beeswax will also initiate calls to your sync endpoint in order to maximize coverage.

These calls will not contain the buyer_user_id field. Your sync server should retrieve your buyer id from the cookie headers that will arrive with these calls. These requests can be sent to a separate endpoint if needed.

Note: Beeswax-initiated syncs may contain a referrer header that looks like

If you would like Beeswax not to initiated syncs, please contact us and we will turn the feature off.