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The Segment Lookup object allows you to get segments that are shared with your Account. For example Bluekai or Integral Ad Science segments. This object only accepts GET requests. See the Migration Note below.


Migration Note

This resource has been improved in the 2.0 API with the resources:

We recommend using these new API resources instead of segment_lookup.

About Segment Sharing

Buzz Segments can be shared between Accounts on the same Buzz instance in the case of a Multi-Account Buzz installation. To retrieve a list of Segments shared locally, "source":"local" should be included in the GET request.

More commonly, "third-party" Segments can be shared with a Buzz instance. This is the case with common data providers such as BlueKai, Integral Ad Science, and many others. To retrieve eligible Segments from third parties `"source":"third-party" should be included in the GET request.

Note, the Segment Sharing API method also response to a GET request, but it will return the Segments the current Account has shared with others, rather than those Shared with the Account.

POSTNot allowed
PUTNot allowed
DELETENot allowed