Understanding the creative_approval_status field

The creative_approval_status field is filled automatically when a Creative Approval is submitted or feedback is received. The field is json with the following fields:

FieldValuesExample value
messageString with summary of what happened"Creative submitted to Google OK"
issuesList of objects describing critical problems with the creative in form:

[ {"code":"whatever","description":"longer whatever"} ]
'[{"code:"SSL Error","description":"Creative does not render in secure environments"}, {"code:"VPAID","description":"Creative returns VPAID errors"} ]'
correctionsList of objects describing non-critical problems with the creative in form:

[ {"code":"whatever","description":"longer whatever"} ]
Same as above
errorList of strings representing fatal errors with submission["Could not submit to Google"]
adminList of strings representing administrative notes relating to the submission.["No email set for this account"]