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Targeting Templates


Upgrade Notice

The Targeting API (targeting_template) has been upgraded as part of the Buzz 2.0 API. We strongly recommend you use the new targeting-expressions endpoint. Read more about targeting using the new API.

A Targeting Template defines the targeting to be executed in the ad server or bidder. The types of targeting (also known as Targeting Modules) within a template are determined by the associated Strategy. The valid values for each type of targeting are determined by the Targeting Modules and may be investigated using the API as described in: Targeting Templates. A list of all available targeting can be found here: List of Targeting Modules and Keys.

A single Targeting Template may be associated with one or more Line Items, though it may be advantageous to always keep this association 1-1 to avoid any potential errors when updating the targeting.


DELETECannot delete the Targeting Template if there are any Line Items associated.