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List Items

There are two API endpoints for manipulating list items:

  • The list_item endpoint allows users to create, edit and delete individual list items
  • The list_item_bulk endpoint allows users to create multiple list items in a single transaction and supports bulk file upload

Both endpoints allow users to add List Items, like Domains or App Bundles, to Custom Lists.

The Precise Geography list (lat_long type), has a slightly different API syntax, as described in the API docs.

List Items include an optional value field, used in conjunction with Bid Modifiers. Users can set the value of a List Item as a from 0-10. When the value field is present and the List is used in a Bid Modifier, the value is used to multiply the bid by the value. For example, if the List Item corresponds to the domain beeswax.com and has a value of 2.0, any bid on an ad on that domain the bid will be double the Line Item's set CPM price.

Previously, users maintained List Items using the single custom_list_item endpoint for both individual and bulk actions, but this has been DEPRECATED and should no longer be used. For backwards compatibility, custom_list_item endpoint documentation can be found here, here, and here.

list_item endpoint

The list_item endpoint allows manipulation of individual list items.


list_item_bulk endpoint

The list_item_bulk endpoint allows bulk creation, deletion, and upload of multiple list items in a single transaction.

GETNot supported
POSTNone, also allows for bulk upload with the /upload extra
PUTNot supported
DELETENot supported

Validation of List Items

List Items are validated in multiple ways:

  • The combination of the List Item and list is unique and duplicates are ignored
  • List types app_ids and app_bundles are case-sensitive, while domains are not
  • Each List Item includes the pushed_to_server field, which is set by the server when the item has been pushed to the server. If this field is null then the List Item is still pending.