Alternative Method for Segment Upload

For customers with larger files Beeswax may arrange for the files to be uploaded directly to our cloud instead of using the Buzz API for upload. In this case, you still must POST to the segment_upload method to let us know to process your files.

To do this, you provide this method with the segment_file_list parameter, which contains a list of files uploaded. You should not include the file_name or size_in_bytes parameters.

curl -X POST "[host]/rest/segment_upload" -b cookies.txt -d '{"segment_file_list":["\path\to\file\user_data_sample.txt","\path\to\file\user_data_sample2.txt"],"account_id":1,"file_format":"DELIMITED","segment_key_type":"DEFAULT","user_id_type":"IDFA"}'

Overwriting or Deleting User-Segment Combinations

The operation_type field on segment uploads acts to control how the new information will be applied to existing data.

To do a full overwrite of a specific user ID you pass REPLACE_ALL_SEGMENTS. For example, if user ID 123 was previously in segments A and B, and you wanted to remove the user from segment B, you would upload a new file with operation_type set to REPLACE_ALL_SEGMENTS and put user ID 123 in segment A only.

If you want want to remove the specific segments provided in the file the operation_type is REMOVE_SEGMENTS.

If you want to remove a user ID from all segments (for example for GDPR opt-outs), you can upload a file with operation_type set to REPLACE_ALL_SEGMENTS and leave the segments as null.

curl -X POST "[host]/rest/segment_upload" -b cookies.txt -d '{"file_name":"user_data_sample.txt","size_in_bytes":412, "operation_type": "REPLACE_ALL_SEGMENTS","file_format":"DELIMITED","segment_key_type":"ALTERNATIVE","user_id_type":"IDFA"}'