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Line Item Flights

Line Item Flights allow users to set a single Line Item to start and stop delivering across multiple time horizons with multiple budgets. For example, a Line Item may be eligible to serve in the week leading up to a product release with a set budget, then set to serve at a higher budget once the release has completed. Multiple Line Item Flights are associated with a single Line Item and cannot extend before the Line Item's start_date or after the end_date.

When a Line Item is paced to daily or lifetime budgets, the delivery will by default be unaware of any budget or timing differences in the flights schedule. To make pacing aware of flights, use the flights pacing option within the Bidding Strategy. When using this option, it is required that all flights under the Line Item include budgets (which are otherwise optional).

Note, if a Line Item is intended to serve continuously there is no need to create flights, the start_date and end_date fields are sufficient.


DELETENone. Note, when a Line Item is deleted all associated Line Item Flights are deleted.

Validation of Line Item Flights

Line Item Flights are validated to assure that both the time intervals and budgets make logical sense:

  • Two flights within the same Line Item cannot have overlapping date ranges
  • Only one flight can omit the end_date field
  • Flights cannot start before the Line Item start_date
  • Flights cannot end after the Line Item end_date
  • The total budget of all flights cannot exceed the budget of the Line Item