Interpreting the Output

The field bid_model_version_key is for internal use and can be ignored.

The upload_status field has the following values:

upload_status valueMeaning
NEWBid Model Version has not yet been processed
AVAILABLE Bid Model Version was previously loaded and validated. It is not currently live, but can be made live at any time.
PENDINGThe Bid Model Version is in the process of being processed.
LIVEThe Bid Model Version is in production and will be used to bid when either the current_version field of the Bid Model is set to this version, OR when the current_version is null and this is the most recent version.
FAILEDThere was an error processing the Bid Model Version and it is not live. See the errors field for more details.

The errors field is a list of objects describing any errors discovered during processing the upload. The table below lists the potential errors.

Error CodeError NameDescription
1MANIFEST_ERRORThe manifest file is invalid. Fix and re-upload the manifest file, then re-submit the version (click the green refresh icon).
2PREDICTION_ERRORThe prediction file contains incorrect columns, or does not match the spec in the manifest file. Fix and re-upload the offending file, then re-submit the version.
3VALIDATION_ERROROne or more columns in the prediction files is invalid. The error message will tell you which column was invalid and why, and will list the first invalid file/row it encountered. Fix and re-upload the predictions, then re-submit the version.
4WRITE_ERRORThe system was unable to load the model into the serving system. This is usually transient and you can try re-submitting the version.
5READ_ERRORThe system was unable to read the manifest or prediction files from S3. Check that you entered the paths correctly and re-submit. If the paths are correct and you are still getting this error, contact support.
6SYSTEM_ERRORThis is a catch-all exception for non-specific errors. Contact support if you encounter this.