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Bid Models

A Bid Model object determines how to bid on auctions in real time based on various criteria.

A Bid Model is associated with either a Bid Modifier or Delivery Modifier as a more powerful alternative to manually creating multiple Bid Modifier Terms.

As new models are created the Bid Model will have Bid Model Version objects associated with it, and the user may choose which version is the "live" version.

When associated with a Delivery Modifier, the Bid Model is limited to 100 rows of data. Bid Modifiers, on the other hand, are not limited in size.

Bid Model resources:

  1. Overview of how to create a Bid Model (external link)
  2. Technical tutorial: GitHub
  3. Manifest of available fields to use in a Bid Model or Bid Modifier: Google Doc
  4. Sample Bid Model files: GitHub

Note: Bid Models must be enabled for your Buzz instance.


DELETECannot delete the Bid Models once created.