With the FWA Order Ingestion API, you can retrieve financial data you need for your accounting system. This document outlines the details of the web service calls available in the API.


The Financial Bridge contains both the most recent version of the API, as well as older legacy versions (e.g., v1 and v4). New users of the API should restrict their calls only to the most recent major version of the API.

When intending to migrate to a newer version of the API (e.g., v4 to future v5), contact TAPS Support to coordinate the migration to the newer version of the API Schema.

Fields whose titles include ID are context sensitive. (For example, an ID within Vendor call is Vendor ID, while an ID within GET Client Call is the Client ID.) IDs are internal STRATA IDs and cannot be updated. Fields that are Codes can be updated and are intended to refer to external system codes.