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Reference Resources


Migration Notes from 0.5 API

In Buzz 0.5 to get a list of available values for an immutable list you would make a request to the /view resource such as /view?view_name=browser. Reference Resources replace these Views in the 2.0 API.

Reference resources are immutable lists of data used by the Beeswax system. These list usually interact with other API endpoints and are useful when building an application on top of the Buzz API. For example, in order to target an ad to a specific browser, you may want to retrieve a list of all targetable browsers using the /ref/browsers resource. Similar requests can be made for countries, languages, macros, etc.

Reference resources are nested under the /ref/ path. As with any other GET request, if no parameters are passed on the request, all items will be returned up to the page_size limit. Filtering criteria may be added to narrow the result. For example, to retrieve a specific browser you might make a call to the resource /ref/browsers?browser_name=chrome.

The result of a request to the ref endpoint looks like this (truncated example):

	"count": 25,
	"next": null,
	"previous": null,
	"results": [{
		"id": 2,
		"active": true,
		"key": "Amazon Silk",
		"name": "Amazon Silk",
		"category": null
	}, {
		"id": 4,
		"active": true,
		"key": "Android Browser",
		"name": "Android Browser",
		"category": null