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Auction Filtering Available for Stinger

When filtering RTB traffic to a Beeswax custom bidder we have available a similar, but slightly different, list of criteria from the List of Targeting Modules and Keys.

ad_sizeI,Ead_size"ad_size":["468x60","160x600"]Size of ads to filter, passed as a string in the format "WxH"
placementI,Eplacement_type"placement_type":[1]The type of line_item expected in this placement (0=banner, 1=video, 2=native ).
contentI,Econtent_category"content_category":["IAB1","IAB2"] IAB categories from OpenRTB
content_rating"content_rating":[1,2]Content rating types according to OpenRTB 6.18
language“language”:[”am”,”ar”]Language of site on which ad is shown. Lookup based on ISO 639-1.
geoI,Ecountry"country":["USA","GBR"]Validated against ISO 3166-1 alpha-3
city"city":["12345","12346"]IDs based on MaxMind database which is based on Geonames. The IDs can be found in the Cities view.
lat_long_present"lat_long_present":[true]Whether the user's latitude and longitude are present on the request. Note, this does not actually target the user's location, just filters impressions where the data is present.
region"region":["USA/NJ","USA/NM","GBR/DEV"]Region in format <country_code>/<region_code> where country_code is ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 and regions are based on ISO_3166-2.
metro"metro":["500","501"]Validated against DMA table, based on Google's metro codes, which are similar to Nielsen DMAs
zip"zip":["12345","23456"]5 or more characters
inventoryI,Ead_position“ad_position”:[1,2]Enum lookup from OpenRTB 5.4
deal_id"deal_id":["adx/foo_bar"]Deal ID in the format <inventory_source>/<deal_id> for example if the deal_id is foo_bar and it is from inventory_source adx, the deal_id is adx/foo_bar. Note, there is no validation currently that this is a valid deal.
environment_type"environment_type":[1]0=web, 1=in-app
inventory_source“inventory_source”:[1,2]List of sources, eg. 1=”Rubicon”
interstitial“interstitial”:[true]Whether the impression is an interstitial, passed as a boolean
site“site”:[“adx/1”,”lr/2”]Site names in form <inventory_source>/<site_id>. IDs can be found in post-campaign reporting. Buzz includes an incomplete list of Sites in the "sites" view.
site_list“site_list”:[“customer-1”]List of Sites defined in the customer's Buzz instance
placement“placement”:[”rubicon/1”,”rubicon/2”]ID in the form <inventory_source>/ <placement_name>. Placement name is not validated but can be found in post-campaign reporting. Buzz includes an incomplete list of Placements in the "placements" view.
placement_list“placement_list”:[“customer-1”]List of Placements defined in the customer's Buzz instance
ip_addressI,Eip_address_list“ip_address_list”:[“customer-1”]List of IP Addresses defined in the customer's Buzz instance
platformI,Ebandwidth"bandwidth":[1,2]Validates against connectiontype field defined in OpenRTB 5.18. Note, "WIFI" is a valid value.
browser“browser”:[”Firefox”,"IE"]Browser name as a string.
browser_version“browser_version”:["Firefox/1”,"Firefox/2"]Browser version to target, most typically to exclude. Most commonly, you will want to include a browser and exclude one or more browser_versions. If you exclude a browser, but include browser_versions, nothing will serve.
carrier"carrier":["Verizon","AT&T"]List of mobile carriers by name.
js_support"js_support":[true]Whether the device supports JavaScript, passed as a boolean.
device_type“device_type”:[1,2]Device type id as described in OpenRTB section 6.16.
device_make"device_make":["Apple","Samsung"]Device make as a string.
device_model"device_model":["iPhone/6s","iPhone/6c"]Device model as a string, including version number. Note OpenRTB keeps the model and the version as separate fields.
device_screen_size"device_screen_size":["S","M"]Device screen size. Valid values are "S", "M", "L", "XL", and "NA"
os“os”:["Windows", "OSX"]Specific OS versions identified by strings such as Windows
os_version"os_version":["Windows/7","Windows/Vista"]Specific version of OSes such as Windows 7 or OSX 10.8 in the format <OS>/<Version>
segmentI,Euser_id"user_id":[true]Whether a user identifier is present, false=not present, true=present
I,Esegment_match"segment_match":["customer-1"]Only match users that are in segment or more user segments in the Buzz instance
timeIR, ERtime_of_week"time_of_week"=[["0","5000”],[”5600","1000”]]Count in minutes from Sunday at midnight (0) to Saturday at 11:59 (10079) in range format [<start>,<end>]. Calculation is against EST.
playback_method“playback_method”:[1,2] Codes from 1-4 based on OpenRTB 6.6. Example 1= Auto-play with sound on.
player_size“player_size”:[“S”,"M",”L”]Small, medium, or large.
start_delay“start_delay”:[0,-1]Codes from -2 to 0 based on OpenRTB 6.9. Buzz does not support an exact offset in seconds.
2=No Video content
video_placement_type"video_placement_type":[1]Whether the video is in-stream (1) or in-banner (0).
video_api"video_api":[1]The video API indicated in the auction request. Note, even though this field is called "video" it includes data for MRAID. This is how it is defined in the OpenRTB protocol.


Different targeting modules can support different "verbs" in targeting. The table below describes the verbs:

Eexclude"exclude":[{<key>:[<value>,<value>]}} {"ip_address":[{"exclude":{"ip_address":[""]}}]}