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HTTP Codes


Migration Notes from 0.5 API

  • HTTP error codes are modified from the 0.5 API.

HTTP Codes

Buzz uses HTTP status codes to indicate whether a request was successful. If the response's HTTP code is 200, all worked well. The following codes represent various outcomes:

HTTP CodeMeaning
200Indicates success for GET, PUT, and PATCH requests. Also success of a functional POST request that does not create a new object.
201Indicates that a new object was created successfully. Usually expected for POST requests.
204Indicates that the request was processed successfully but no content was available. For example, a GET request to /reporting/async-query returns 204 when the requested report id is recognized but not yet ready. This is also the status of a successful DELETE request.
400Validation, parsing or other processing errors.
401Not authenticated.
403Indicates that the resource is forbidden. This includes when a resource is not enabled for the Buzz Key, when a user is trying to write but only has read permissions, etc.
404Resource not found
405Method not allowed by API. For example, some elements are read-only and cannot accept POST requests.
406The user specified an “accept” header that is not supported on that resource.