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2.0 Segment Lookup Resources

We have added a number of useful resources to the 2.0 API that allow you to query the first- and third-party Data Providers, Segments and Categories. A "third-party" segment is one provided by a Data Provider such as Oracle, Integral Ad Science, or others. A "first-party" segment is one owned by the Account, or shared from another Account in the same instance.


Dashboard API Access

The 0.5 API's Dashboard resource has been removed. We recommend using the 2.0 API's Reporting capabilities.


New Roles API

We have added various resources relating to Roles to the 2.0 API. These include:


Control Aggressiveness of Bid Shading

A new field bid_shading_win_rate_control has been added to the bidding JSON within the Line Item object. This field controls how "aggressive" the bid shading algorithm will be in trying to lower bids. For more information see also Bidding Strategies.


SKAdNetwork Support

In order to support Apple's SKAdNetwork conversion tracking, new fields have been added to the Advertiser, Campaign, and Line Item objects. See the API reference for those objects for more details.


2.0 Reporting API Available

The Buzz 2.0 Reporting APIs are now available. These are more modern, flexible, and powerful than the legacy report_queue and report_save resources.


2.0 APIs Available

The 2.0 API has launched!


New Log Fields

We’ve added several fields to log files.


Added bid_shading field to bidding json

We are entering an open beta period for our new bid shading product, that automatically reduces bids based on historical prices while maintaining win rates. The Bidding Strategies description and the Line Items reference were both updated to add a new bid_shading parameter.


Antenna Docs Added

New docs added for the launch of Antenna raw data access. Also docs regarding data feeds that were previously organized under Stinger were moved to the new Antnena section of documentation.