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New Log Fields

We’ve added several fields to log files.

Auction Logs

  • seller_id - Corresponding value in sellers.json file
  • data_center - Data Center Bid Request was received by
  • site_referrer - OpenRTB site.ref

Bid Logs

  • bid_shade - Bid Shade Decision for the corresponding bid
  • bid_shade_reduction_micros - Value in micros the bid was shaded by

Win Logs

  • seller_id
  • deal_bid_floors - Deal Bid Floor for the won impression
  • site_referrer
  • bid_shade
  • bid_shade_reduction_micros
  • video_mutes
  • video_unmutes
  • video_pauses
  • video_resumes
  • video_fullscreens
  • video_closes
  • impression_ip_address - IP Address from the Impression event, in contrast to the IP Address received on the auction