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2.0 Segment Lookup Resources

We have added a number of useful resources to the 2.0 API that allow you to query the first- and third-party Data Providers, Segments and Categories. A "third-party" segment is one provided by a Data Provider such as Oracle, Integral Ad Science, or others. A "first-party" segment is one owned by the Account, or shared from another Account in the same instance.

These resources replace the segment_lookup and segment_category_lookup resources in the 0.5 API.

The new resources are described below:

ref/segment-searchSearch through all segments available to the Account
ref/segment-treeNavigate the hierarchical segment tree including Categories and Segments either directly owned by or shared with the Account
third-party/data-providerReturns a list of third-party Data Providers enabled for the Account (e.g. Oracle, Integral Ad Science, etc).
third-party/segment-searchSearch through all third-party Segments available to the Account
third-party/segment-treeNavigate the hierarchical segment tree of third-party Segments and Categories available to the Account