The Deal Sync API supports the following filter parameters.

seatidOnly returns deals for the specified seat IDstring
startdateOnly returns deals with start date ≥ specified start datedatetime (ISO-8601)
enddateOnly returns deals with end date date ≤ specified end datedatetime (ISO-8601)
updatedatOnly returns deals that have been updated at a specific datedatetime (ISO-8601)
sellerstatusOnly returns deals that have specified a particular sellerstatus field:


preingestpermissionsOnly returns deals that correspond to the four different types of permissions (1, 2, 3, 4).

1 = Required. Represents PG deals.
2 = Allowed. Represents PMP deals that the publisher allows for pre-ingestion.
3 = Not Allowed. Represents all other deals that are not PG or have not been enabled for a buyer to pre-ingest their creatives.
4 = Not Available. Represents all other deals that are not part of the existing MRM prog mod workflow.

The relationship among these filter parameters is a Logical AND.

Sample URLs with Filter Parameters