If there are no deals, or all deals are filtered out by query criteria, status code 200 is returned with an empty deal list in the response.

200OKUpon a successful GET, PUT, or DELETE request.
201CreatedUpon a successful POST request.
401UnauthorizedIncorrect, missing, or invalid access credentials.
404Not FoundThe resource you requested is not available.
405Method Not AllowedA request was made of a resource using a request method not supported by that resource; for example, using GET on a method which requires data to be sent by POST, or using PUT on a readonly resource.
408Request TimeoutTimeout when processing this request, usually caused by concurrent requests of exclusive access to certain resources. We recommend retrying the request when you receive this status.
422Unprocessable EntityInvalid resource. This error happens when the request body is invalid, or the created/updated resource is invalid.
500Internal Server ErrorAPI system error.

Contact your FreeWheel account team.

Contextual Error Handling

EndpointMethodScenarioError Message
accounts/[seatid]/deals/[dealid]?dealsPATCHBuyers try to update a status for an SFX deal.404 - FreeWheel SSP (SFX) deals are not supported.
accounts/[seatid]/deals/[dealid]?dealsPATCHIf the seller status is ARCHIVE, buyers cannot update a particular deal with the buyerstatus.422 - Deal has been archived and is no longer relevant.