As a buyer going through the Campaign Manager workflow, you need to be able to retrieve your advertisers because your advertiser and advertiser industry determine the audience segments you can access. The Advertisers Reference API simplifies your workflow by enabling you to retrieve your advertisers without having to ask FreeWheel for them or having to map them manually.

How does it work?

Simply upload the local advertiser via the Create Advertisers POST endpoint.
The values are mapped to fields in MRM’s the Advertising Module

You can retrieve global advertisers and local advertisers via the List Advertisers GET method to see how your global and local advertisers are associated.

Advertiser Object

FieldDescriptionRequired?MRM Advertising Module MappingNotes
idThe identifier that represents the unique advertiser the DSP side creates---External ID
nameThe name of the advertiser createdYesName
domain urlThe unique URL for the advertiserYesMetadataRequired by the MRM advertiser for global backend mapping.
industryIndustry identifier from the IAB industry list:

Industry Array:
  • ID
  • Name

  • Global Mapping will be triggered by  Data Science workflow.
  • Array of Industries
GlobalAdvertiserThe MRM global advertiserNoOnly synced in the GET method
GlobalBrandThe MRM global brandNoOnly synced in the GET method