Getting Started with Demand APIs

Introduction to FreeWheel's Demand APIs

The FreeWheel Demand Application Programming Interface (API) is simply another way to access your FreeWheel data: one that makes it easy for third-party and custom tools to access and interact with the service programmatically. This guide provides everything you need to implement plug-ins or client software to interact with your data in FreeWheel.

Design your plug-ins to the Freewheel APIs using proper protocols: use cache properly and limit the frequency of your requests. If you have issues with the API, reach out to your dedicated FreeWheel account manager

The FreeWheel Demand APIs use JSON by default and are implemented using RESTful best practices.

What can I do with the FreeWheel's Demand API?

There are many things that you can do with the FreeWheel Demand APIs. Here are a couple of examples:

  • Manage the pre-ingestion and assignment of creatives to programmatic guaranteed deals
  • Retrieve all deals

API Password Reset Policy

If you have access to Freewheel's APIs, it is recommended that you reset your password every 180 days. However, API-only user account passwords must be updated within 365 days. If your password expires, you cannot generate OAuth tokens to gain access to Freewheel's APIs.

ScenarioReset Procedure
Users with MRM and API accessContinue to reset your passwords every 180 days in order to maintain access to the MRM UI and in order to maintain API access.
Users with API access onlyReset your passwords every 365 days in order to maintain API access.



If a users' permissions change, the password expiration policy will change to match their new access level. For example, an API-only user that gets MRM UI access will now need to reset their account password every 180 days.

Changing Your Password

To change your password:

  1. Go the User Setup page.
  2. Follow the Forgot Password workflow.



If you are unable to receive emails or do not remember the account's password hint, contact the network administrator who will be able to reset email addresses and password hints.